As India emerges as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the focus is on infrastructure. In the forefront of this transformation is Unilog, a new generation logistics provider with 360 degree solutions that encompass logistics, supply chain and shipping A young and focused organisation, Unilog offers a streamlined approach to logistics management, eliminating obsolete processes, incorporating the best industry practices worldwide and enhancing them through agility and consumer understanding. In a world increasingly focusing on detail and perfection, a clear logistical advantage can give you the edge. Even a small competitive advantage can make a world of difference to your business. Unilog is an end-to-end logistics solutions provider who offers a full range of products and services designed to help you maximize your business potential. Backed by the support of a corporate house with 25 years' experience in communications and an established network of reliable partners, e are ideally positioned to give you the best services in a cost effective manner. Unilog is based in Cochin, a major Indian port that features prominently on leading sea-routes. The port's international container terminal which is nearing completion will handle 1 million TEUs per annum. Cochin is thus a global player with a strong market for comprehensive logistics solutions and Unilog intends to be a key solutions provider.


To emerge as a reliable and end-to-end logistics partner which delivers customised, speedy and cost-effective solutions.


Our mission is multifold.

Leadership: To consistently set industry benchmarks in quality.
Customer Orientation: To hone our service portfolio and delivery times to maximise customer delight. Team building: To attract and retain the best talent in logistics and give them a platform for growth

About the Directors

NP Ummer Rafeeq
Managing Director

When Ummer Rafeeq began his career as a 20 year old entrepreneur in 1985, all he had was a small capital and the courage of his convictions. Today, this dynamic entrepreneur leads a veritable outdoor communications empire, the Rs. 70 crore Unity, which is known for some of the best solutions and locations in Kerala. The decision to enter into logistics was born out of his long association with leading corporates and his first hand understanding of the logistical difficulties that they face. Unilog was created to cater to their demands.

Mohammed Sabah
Executive Director

With Mohammed Sabah's formal training in logistics, coupled with his strong orientation towards perfection, Unilog is a logical diversification for the group. A Master of logistics from the London Metropolitan Business School and a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics-UK, he further honed his skills working at Logistics Companies in Europe and Asia. Armed with this experience, a vision grounded in a strong work ethic and a real passion for the profession, he is all set to deliver excellence.

Corporate-social responsibilities

In everything that we do, Unilog focuses on ethical practices. To reduce our carbon footprint, we use only low-emission vehicles. We have a firm policy against child labour. And we ensure that our partners and alliances also adhere to ethical methods of business governance

In the years ahead, we will strive to expand our sights while keeping to our single minded vision of uncompromising quality. To spread far and wide, and yet be centred on you, the customer. To keep costs down, and value, up.