Dedicate Truck Rentals


We’re experts at helping fleets of all sizes run better. Outsource your transportation with our dedicated contract carriage services and you’ll get the most reliable and modern fleet in the industry. We provide a highly trained team of dedicated drivers, backhaul options, and logistics technology that allows intra-route flexibility and visibility.

Our dedicated contract carriage systems allow you to focus more of your time on growing and improving your business.

Unilog’s dedicated team will:

  • Optimize routes
  • Spec more fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Handle dispatching
  • Upgrade maintenance programs
  • Provide road service
  • Satisfy regulatory compliances and environmental issues
  • Train and retain drivers
  • Improve driver safety and customer service
  • Develop benchmarks to drive continuous improvement
  • Utilize on-board technologies to manage productivity

Institutional Fleet Rentals


Unilog institutional fleet rental department mainly undertakes the staff transportation of major corporate IT / ITES MNCs. We are in operation round the clock with the support of efficient Transport Management System. We undertake complete responsibility of safety and security for staff transfers with the help of our well-trained, efficient chauffeurs and we have well-experienced supporting team with professional experience and expertise. We provide logistics support for major national and international events and seminars.. We also provide premium air-conditioned coaches / cabs / vans of different seating capacities suiting to the various requirements of the customers and we ensure their safe and comfortable transportation at competitive rate systems.

Dial a Truck


Unilogs on call truck service (Dial a Truck) provides services from your door steps, no matter where you are located in Kerala, with the help of our new generation open/containerised trucks ranging from 1 ton to 100 ton capacity. What’s more??? Through our in house live GPS TRUCK TRACKING (TTS),you can even trace the truck from your smartphones or laptops. Which will be highly helpful for all your personnel and business transporting and supply chain needs.

Service most suited to : Wholesale/Retail Dealers, House/Office Shifting, Shipping Companies



Unilogs Contract Warehousing services are ideal for Clients wishing to establish a distribution centre in any particular region in India. Unilog operates successful contract warehousing operations for companies seeking long-term warehousing solutions at dedicated facilities. Advantages of contract warehousing include a specialised labour force, facility, and standard operating procedures designed specifically to the Client’s operation. This ensures an abundance of resources as the Client does not have to share labour, equipment, dock doors, or floor space with other Clients.

Warehousing space includes

  • High internal open span roof
  • Good temperature control
  • Flexible pallet bay heights upon request
  • Bulk storage both internal and external
  • Dust reduced environment
  • VDF Flooring
  • High speed internet connectivity
  • 24 x 7 Security personnel
  • In-house transportation/trucking
  • Drivers Restroom
  • Temperature controlled space (As per client’s requirement)
  • Truck Parking Areas and much more.

Contract Logistics


We are the contract logistics partner of choice for logistics outsourcing and the management of complex supply chains. Our integrated services include all aspects of logistics planning, control, and execution. From point of origin to consumption, we design solutions that turn your logistics operations from a challenge into a substantial competitive advantage.

Our approach is based on:

  • Becoming an extension of your business. We make sure we fully understand your industry so that we can anticipate your requirements, and respond rapidly and effectively to changing market conditions
  • Driving operational excellence and consistency across all global operations through standardised processes and metrics
  • Enabling an information-driven supply chain through the development of global visibility and knowledge management services.
  • UNILOG contract logistics experts have in-depth industry-specific experience. We listen carefully to your logistics challenges and conduct a thorough analysis of your business needs. Then we design and build an optimal solution customised to your cost and service requirements.

Our contract logistics services will help you:

  • Reduce assets and improve financial returns
  • Enhance inventory control
  • Deliver advanced customer service and quality.

Project Logistics


Unilog’s s, Project Logistics, provides complete services for entire large-scale, heavy-lift projects. Whether the assignment is to relocate an entire factory or move a precision satellite dish to a remote elevation in the Andes, Unilog’s Project Logistics teams will plan, manage and undertake special logistics projects of any scale from start to finish. However challenging the geography, however complex the lift, Project Logistics works closely with our engineering and contractor customers to ensure that every project is planned, delivered and completed on time and to exact specifications. With our proven system of single-point control, we handle all projects from beginning to end.

We coordinate the flow of materials, handle restrictions in difficult or remote areas, manage site operations, provide flexible options and stage supply lines to meet exacting deadlines. Unilog’s Project Logistics provides specialty services for your Project, Oil & Gas, Mining and Marine logistics requirements. We also proudly offer Charter and Government contractor services.


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is the design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand, and measuring performance globally.

SCM consulting: Unilog is committed to develop efficient supply chains that enable them to adapt to the changing markets and demands, build opportunities and deliver outstanding results.

SCM strategy: Unilog with its custom-made strategies on maximizing the value of supply chains, avoiding inefficiencies, managing the risk of disruption of supply chain enterprise systems, assures your business enhancement and success.

SCM cost reduction: We are extremely careful to give our customers the best cost effective services and strive to reduce total cost in supply chains, which are responsible for many unnecessary overhead costs to generate forecasts, count inventory on-hand, generate purchase order inputs through MRP (Material Requirement Planning) systems, place purchase orders, wait for parts to arrive, expedite those that are late, receive (and maybe inspect) materials, warehouse, group into kits for scheduled production, and distribute within the plant.

Sourcing & procurement: We provide consultancy and guidance on sourcing and procurement of goods with our extensive database of quality manufacturers of various types of goods. We assist you to find product manufacturers, buying agents, quality inspectors, and offers legal and trade consultancy support.

Logistics and distribution planning: The basis of efficient supply chain management is the synchronization and optimization of the activity of every partner along the chain. Proper distribution planning is designed to handle the most complex optimization tasks related to finding the best balance between the service level provided to customers and the costs of supply chain management (inventory level at stores, production costs, transportation costs, etc.).

Process implementation (JIT Six Sigma): JIT (Just-In-Time) involves controlling the flow of materials and manpower so that adequate resources are on hand when needed. It ensures an organization produces and delivers the right items, at the right time, in the right amounts. The JIT philosophy synchronizes well with the lean manufacturing Six Sigma implementation process. JIT is an effective means by which lean manufacturing Six Sigma can flourish. Rather than a rush to gather materials and manpower, Just-In-Time principles enable organizations to meet customer requirements with the greatest efficiency and least amount of waste.

Market analysis Markets can evolve rapidly. Companies need to constantly re-evaluate their markets in order to understand the customer's want need or belief. While looking for new alternative customers and new opportunities, it is important to understand the risks involved and trying to reduce them.

Asset utilization: Unilog strives to improve the utilization of resources be it people, equipment or facilities. We put forth our best in achieving higher availability, reduced failures and labour productivity.

After sales management: Unilog offers a wide range of after-sales services and support thereby ensuring top quality standards and quick problem solutions. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure assures efficient customer service, quality assurance and thus enabling our customers to concentrate on their core business.

IT integration: Our technical experts have significant experience in the supply chain management and are capable to critically evaluate your business requirements and act accordingly. They will advise the accurate solutions and thereby ensuring an optimum synergy of your business and technology.

Cost & freight Agencing/Super Stocking


As Clearing and Forwarding Agents, we provide Value Added Services, which are based on precise needs of organizations - services that simplify your organization processes and augment customer satisfaction. These services include order processing, Billing, Storing, Handling, Inspection, Repackaging, Transportation and Customer Complaint Handling. Our services focus on providing total logistics solutions to our clients and offer to provide the full range of services – from storing of goods to delivering the product at your customer's premises.

Clearing & Forwarding(Sea & Air)


With our excellent all India network and links to overseas forwarding partners, we offer quality services and a seamless network of international logistics that delivers goods as desired by the clients. We have the advantage of being licenced Custom House Agents, Freight Brokers and Chartering Agents and are hence in a position to offer our services to Indian and foreign clients.

Factory/Office/House Shifting


Unilog’s Packers and Movers Shifting Process Okay, you are ready to move. From Where do you start?

Today in this competitive world, people try to find jobs that would keep them ahead of all the competitions and often finding jobs at another location from the one currently based. The person who is a frequent mover knows the troubles and pains involved in the shifting process. This is where we come into picture.

Once you are ready to move, we plan for each of the process that needs to be followed so as to ensure a safe and secure movement of the consignment. For our clients it is as simple as giving a call. On receiving the call we send our Field Officer to your house to provide an answer to all your worries & tensions. The Field Officer will take a survey of the possessions as well as the details of destination of the shipment & provide you with an estimated cost .

Depending on size of the consignment, our team of experienced field coordinators help in providing an estimate, taking into account the manpower required, size of vehicle & packing material & as well as insurance cover required for the goods that are to be transported. The experienced Field Officers also provide customers with any other additional information required during transportation process.

On receiving the estimate, clients may inform the Field Officer to plan their shifting movement. Here, the Field Officer would provide customers with complete schedule that would be followed from our end right from the packing of the consignment preparing a consignment note as per law, passing through all the check post, reaching on time till it is unpacked after delivering goods to their final destinations. Other than the prompt on-site estimation services provided by our field officers, we also provide estimate on line where clients just need to fill up our On-line enquiry form.

Reverse Logistics


Offering a product with “satisfaction guaranteed" means something – returns. Managing returns effectively allows you to recapture value, whilst keeping your customers happy. We'll help you plan and implement a reverse logistics solution that saves time and money, and improves customer service.

Unilogs's reverse logistics services provide significant cost savings and improved efficiencies to retailers in any market. Because we are a leader in supply chain management, you can rely on our experience in product handling, inventory and transportation to protect your high-value products and customer relationships, to an unparalleled degree.

We bring to reverse logistics the exacting management, resources and technology required to increase control and asset recovery, improve information management, and save administrative time. Whether we're handling your product returns to help you recapture value, or managing your recycling processes to help you safely dispose of your goods, we'll provide a better experience for your business.

Value Added Services


The increasingly volatile and consumer sensitive chains of supply and demand are not only impacting prices, they are stimulating today’s logistics providers to be more responsive, agile and consumer-centric in their supply chain solutions Checking, labelling and packing goods. There are a great many additional tasks to perform along the logistics chain besides transportation and warehousing. Are you looking for a service provider who will also take care of such tasks? Unilog can perform all additional services (value added services) for you professionally and reliably.

We examine our customer's processes and define quality standards together with them in order to satisfy their wishes and meet their requirements. We can also provide the required resources on a seasonal basis.

Unilog can place textiles on hangers, provide an assembly service for high-tech equipment, organise the pre-assembly of individual parts for the automotive industry and a whole lot more. We offer you our equipment and experience so that you can optimise your warehousing processes.

Your benefits:

  • Your warehousing processes run optimally.
  • You can concentrate on your core competence.
  • Your productivity increases thanks to our comprehensive value added services.
  • Logistics-related value added services: Order picking, finishing, co-packing, display assembly, labelling / tagging / bar coding, quality control, returns management, waste disposal, recycling, customs services.

Logistics, production, administration: Further value added services

A few examples of further value added services:

  • Product-related added value services: Quality control, finishing, pre-processing, pre-assembly / parts production, sequencing / delivery, packaging optimisation and disposal, container development, container management.
  • Administration and control: Value stream analysis and design, freight management, industrial planning, call centre, order processing, safety engineering, quality management, staff provision.

Ware House Construction & Management


Unilog offers design and turnkey construction of modern warehouses, with a focus on Quality, Safety and Speed. The spectrum covers

Automobile & Ancillary Factories, Glass plants, Food processing Factories, Pharmaceutical plants, Warehouses & Logistics Parks, Workshop Complex, Showrooms etc.

Expertise include:

  • Complicated industrial structures using long-span prefabricated roofing structures in steel and concrete, and large span column free factory and workshop structures
  • Labour supply/Material sourcing
  • Supervision
  • Folded plate girders to cover very large spans and innovative designs to provide natural ventilation and lighting
  • Massive industrial parks using prefabricated modular construction techniques
  • Long-span storage silos and warehouses
  • VDF Flooring.
  • Experienced team of Engineers/Contractors
  • Warehouse Management (BOT)/Long Lease
  • Govt Approvals/Fire &Safety
  • Electrical/Plumbing/CCTV/Power back up/Lighting
  • Fork lifts/Dock levellers/Pallets.

Our Service will help you make the warehouse of your choice with all supervision and contracting under one roof, just plug n play.