As India emerges as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the focus is on infrastructure. In the forefront of this transformation is Unilog, a new generation logistics provider with 360 degree solutions that encompass logistics, supply chain and shipping.

A young and focused organisation, Unilog offers a streamlined approach to logistics management, eliminating obsolete processes, incorporating the best industry practices worldwide and enhancing them through agility and consumer understanding.

In a world increasingly focusing on detail and perfection, a clear logistical advantage can give you the edge. Even a small competitive advantage can make a world of difference to your business. Unilog is an end-to-end logistics solutions provider who offers a full range of products and services designed to help you maximize your business potential. Backed by the support of a corporate house with 25 years' experience in communications and an established network of reliable partners, e are ideally positioned to give you the best services in a cost effective manner.

Unilog is based in Cochin, a major Indian port that features prominently on leading sea-routes. The port's international container terminal which is nearing completion will handle 1 million TEUs per annum. Cochin is thus a global player with a strong market for comprehensive logistics solutions and Unilog intends to be a key solutions provider.

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